Services Offered

First and foremost we approach our service based upon providing unbiased, independent advice. Our focus is based upon fundamentals, the well-being of the client, their budget, financial position, debt, operations and policies. We expect to build upon that which the client has accomplished. In many instances our work has resulted in national recognition of clientsa?? efforts and has taken the form of rating upgrades by one or more of the rating agencies. These upgrades stand as testament to the client doing more than is expected. We take pride in assisting our clients in obtaining top ratings, and sustaining them. The how and why clients achieve high ratings is based on their work, managing their operations, finances, budget, debt and maximizing economic return.

Many of our efforts are done without fanfare; they often are nothing more than a phone conversation, a meeting, or written observations and options submitted for their consideration. We actively participate in thinking about the client, trying to think through existing problems and what might occur in the future, sharing concerns and solutions, plans in new and old areas.

Our services are available when you need them. Often clients do not need full financial advisory services, they need advice and counsel on a small analytical project that takes a few hours or less than a day to complete.

Recommended Reading

Analytical and Financing Services

  • Financial condition analysis
  • Budget development
  • Budget analysis
  • Revenue and expenditure forecasting
  • Debt and cash management analysis
  • Cash flow modeling
  • Legislation development
  • Capital planning
  • Structuring and acquisition of financing
  • Debt management policies, practices
  • Borrowing capacity analysis
  • Business plan development
  • Comparative peer group analysis
  • Financing transaction management
  • Analytic modeling
  • Financial advice
  • Rating agency analysis and presentation
  • Debt and spending affordability reports
  • Disclosure reporting
  • Bid verification
  • Official Statement and bond/loan document development

Typical Services Provided to Clients

  • Preliminary Official Statement and Official Statement Development
  • MSRB Disclosure including EMMA filings
  • Bond Structuring
  • Document Development
  • Bid Form Development
  • Rating Agency Presentation
  • Coordination of Financing
  • Financial Plan Development
  • Revenue and Expenditure Forecasts
  • Budget Review and Recommendation
  • Creation of Alternative Financing Structures
  • Underwriter Bid Document Development and Selection
  • Trustee/Paying Agent Bid and Selection
  • Accepting & Verifying Bids (Competitive Sale)
  • Marketing/Pricing
  • Bond Insurance Negotiations and Bidding
  • Financial Forecasts
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Tax, Fee and/or Charge Models and Analysis
  • Refunding Analysis and Recommendations
  • Creation and Review of Policies and Procedures
  • Presentations to Elected Officials
  • Presentations to Citizens